Colby vs Khabib

Khabib had no problem taking trash talk from Conor.

Before the Conor fight Khabib was paid like $46,000

Then the Barboza fight he got like $80,000

After he fought Conor, for the money, he instantly became a multi millionaire.

Khabib is the biggest hypocrite speaking on this topic

Supposedly Colby had some Russians come threaten him in the ATT sauna. But this was according to Journeyman Jorge, so idk if it’s reliable. I think Colby stopped talking about him because Khabib is irrelevant as a fighter, he’s retired. Why waste your big moments on the mic calling out a guy that is retired, won’t fight, and never came up to 170? Waste of time and Colby knows it

Well it doesn’t surprise me khabib not having a problem with sucker punching. I remember his little rat friends jumping the cage and sucker punching Conor from behind after mcgregor was already exhausted and beaten up. You don’t have to be a Conor fan to see that shit as cowardly.


It’s unlikely that would of happened without the threat of the takedown, which Conor was clearly anticipating when he got hit.

Colby won’t have that same fear and is clearly better on the feet than Khabib.

If he fights smart I could see Colby ending this standing ‘‘IF’’ Khabib can’t take him down and keep him there.

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I think you are probably right. Especially regarding the difference in striking between Colby and Johnson.

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That’s fair. But that’s a big IF. Khabib’s ability to make wrestlers look like fish outta water is unrivaled.

That is very true, what he did to Justin was very surprising. That’s why I wouldn’t discount his wrestling against Colby.

However if he couldn’t take him down and keep him there, then it’s probably game over for him.

The other weakness Colby has is submission defense. Khabib has great subs

Um, who are all these wrestlers Khabib has made look like fish out of water other than Gaethje, who apparently is a white belt when taken down?


Is it fair to say that his weakness is submission defense, when he has only been submitted once in his entire career of 20 professional fights?

Also it was 7 or 8 years ago (I think?), so I wouldn’t personally put too much stock in that. However I would never underestimate Khabib on the ground against anyone.

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Yeah maybe maybe not. I’d have to rewatch the Maia fight.

I feel like if Alves can sub Colby, Khabib can too. I think Khabib could take him down, Colby’s power is less than Justin’s, so Khabib can just walk him down and tie him up.

Yeah it depends on how so many different factors would play out. Colby could only stop him on the feet ‘‘if’’ he can stop the takedown. Which isn’t guaranteed.

Would definitely be an interesting fight that’s for sure.

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They don’t exist. Khabib never faced a legitimate wrestler. OR BJJer, for that matter.

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^ He knew to retire before Oliveira got his shot. Tony Ferguson used to have the X factor with scrambles and elbows, but Oliviera is on another level these days with his submissions and striking. Would have loved to see that fight.

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After 272 Islam tweeted out “bullshit fight”

Maybe we one day get blessed with Colby vs Islam???!?

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Or wait, was that Khamzat that tweeted that? I forget. I’ll have to check lol

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170lbs of American Steel for the win

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Would this be the only fight the UG almost unanimously would cheer for Colby?

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