Colby vs Khabib

How would it of went down UG? At the time there was talks of super fight between Usman and Khabib but how would Colby vs Khabib turned out?

I’m not sure but I would definitely watch.


Khabib would say he’s not supposed to talk about his family, then refuse to fight Colby


It’d be interesting, for sure.

Colby would probably KO Khabib on the feet, he has much better striking than Michael Johnson.

If it went to the ground, Khabib would be fighting someone his own size so I would take Colby wrestling creds over Khabib.




Colby, they both very disciplined, but khabib was killing himself to make weight and fight smaller man for a reason…
Colby’s will is so something else after 3 rounds it would be all colby


Khabib would stop Colby. Without a referee, Colby would die. No amount of fleeing and calling cops and scuffing his Rolex on purpose to get money would help him. No lawyers needed, just send lokation brother.

A good thought experiment would be the following matchup:

Justin Gaethje vs. Colby
5’11" vs. 5’11" height
70" vs. 72" reach

  • Justin
  • Colby

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Full fight below:

IMO that’s a competitive fight between Justin and Colby. I see no reason why Khabib couldn’t do to Colby what he did to Justin. Justin’s standup is arguably better than Colby’s, they both have similar wrestling. Colby’s fight IQ a little higher, but nowhere near Khabib’s.

The whole “colby talked about his kids” thing is tired. It’s like ppl know he didn’t, but latch onto that narrative for what?.. to defend a cowardly sucker punch?.. I guess ppl are gona side with whoever they want despite facts.


Colby would take a clear Dec win.

Would be the first time we see Khabib get out worked.

Connor actually tried to avoid takedown i dont see any high level striking, connor literally jumped into punch trying to avoid…

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It’s called MMA. The threat of the wrestling affecting the striking “is what it is”. This is arguably more a case of a forced error that Khabib instills on Conor via his strong wrestling threat, not an unforced error by Conor.

Khabib got it done on the feet against Conor and Justin.

Colby brings a goat to seduce Khabib. Colby wins!


Colby has said multiple times that Khabib fucks sheep. Khabib will jump into a crowd to fight Danis over trash talk, but I didnt hear him say shit to Colby.


It would be an epic build up to a fight.

He doesn’t let that name out of his mouth.

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