Colds, flu and bjj

Since starting bjj some years ago now, I've led (for me) and extremely healthy life style. Wanting to keep in top shape, I gave up all forms of smoking and drinking of alcoholic beverages of any kind (even wine and beer). I take supplements and vitamins as well as getting three or four squares a day. I also try to get 8-9 hours of sleep a day.

So why the hell an I getting more and more nasty colds every year. Talking with my fellow bjj guys, they say the same thing.

First you have grappling sessions with skanky looking guys who you probably wouldn'd shake hands with if you met him on the street. Then they are the filthy mats that maybe get washed every two months after God knows how many thousands of training sessions.

Finally, you have the old stank gis. A good friend of mine simply takes his used gis and puts them on top of his car in the sun to get dried off.

It should also be mentioned that a lot of guys go in and train knowing they are sick. I've probably done this as well and told myself it was just hay fever.

Your's respectfully,

Sick and miserable from sunny Southern California.

Wash your hands frequently. I like to use that anti-bacterial hand wash and keep some in my gear bag. Don't touch your face, particularly your eyes, without washing your hands first. I know it's hard, but that's the best prevention for the colds and flus.

I feel you pain... There was a thhread on the ug a while back that listed different ways to "protect" yourself... I ordered some of this stuff called "kenshield spray" it is supposed to fight fungus...

lol @ "you have grappling sessions with skanky looking guys who you probably wouldn'd shake hands with if you met him on the street"

I hope your training partners don't read this lol

I was out for a long time with a hurt shoulder ligament, then when I was ready to come back I got the flu! I hate having the flu. You get weak as hell, and even if you tough it out and just go train, you can't because nobody wants to roll with a guy constantly sneezing / coughing.

Thanks guys. I'm going to try the anti-bacterial soap. If we had some damned showers like a modern gym, I bet a lot of these problems would be alleviated. If I could train and the dive into a nice warm shower right away with soap, I'd be happy to have $100 added on to my dues.

I've toughed it out a few times to, but I think that can delay your recovery and spread the virus to others.

I hate getting sick because I won't train while I'm sick. I won't do that to my training partners.