Cole Miller: Cerrone sucks at life

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                                Cole Miller: Cerrone sucks at life

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I recently caught up with Cole Miller and in his Bloody Elbow Exclusive interview he shed light on the new face of safe fighting, talked about preparing for Wiman, and answered the challenge issued by Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone in his post-fight interview at WEC 53.

"Cerrone is a good fighter but he sucks at life," Miller stated. "I guess I'll be ready to give him his ass whooping after I'm done fighting Matt Wiman. I would be more than happy to take a step down in competition to fight Cerrone and I think the UFC would definitely make it happen because it makes sense. It's a very exciting fight. These WEC fighters that are coming in from the merger need to establish a name and the best way for the guys that are legit to come in and do so is to face UFC fighters who are already established. They can't just feed them to the wolves so to speak or give them number one contender status just coming in so they are going to have to fight guys who already have names, who are solid fighters and are on the move upwards. I think it definitely makes sense for this to get put together. He wants to fight me. I want to fight him so make it happen."

"I respect Cowboy a lot as a fighter because he does all of the things that I always say people should do. He spends all of his time either striking or in the jiu-jitsu area and he's not trying to stalemate his opponent or just get by so I respect the guy as a fighter for sure. In this sport who have to keep a high enough opinion of yourself and I don't think that he belongs in there with me and ever since I beat Leonard Garcia, whenever we see one another there is always some spitting off at the mouth and some verbal warfare. It's happened several times and he likes to tell me that he is going to tap me out and this and that...but if he thinks he can last more than a minute on the floor with me before he is either swept or submitted he has another thing coming."

Miller continued, "I started thinking about it and there hasn't been anyone who has been on the floor with me for at least a minute straight where I haven't either gotten up, swept, took their back, passed or caught them in some sort of submission attempt. I don't know if they've been on the ground with me for 30 seconds without one of those things happening to tell you the truth. I don't know what Cowboy is thinking. Maybe that's all talk with him wanting to submit me but that definitely is not happening."

"I'm going to fight Wiman and then I want to fight Cerrone. Some people out there are just too dumb to realize that they are not any good and I want to show Cerrone that is exactly the case. When you think about it that is probably his biggest strength and at the same time his biggest weakness because he is too dumb to realize his actual skill level. Also, I just want to tell Cowboy thanks for calling me out because that was really motivating for me. After this fight with Wiman I'll tack up a picture of his face on my mirror so when I get up to start my day it will get me motivated to get into the gym, training hard than ever before and as a result I will be the on a totally different level. I'll be the best fighter that I've ever been when it comes time for me to fight and kill him," Miller concluded.

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LOL "fight and kill him" might be a bit much but Cole has that look about him I guess. WAR cole! In fact, MURDER cole!!!

Cole is gonna kill Cerrone but not before Cerrone kills Varner but not before Mir 'actually' kills all of them

 I really like Cole "The Bringer" Miller.

I like Coles chances in this and I agree with him.

I say cowboy knocks him silly in the first...

like cole i am a fan of cowboy for his nonstop style but cole takes this anywhere he wants to.


Junie had it coming imo

Dumb & dumber.