Cole Puts Huerta in Perspective

Think about it. Huerta couldn't put away Leonard Garcia even though
Garcia came in on short notice and didn't have a real training camp. Now
Cole Miller beats a much improved version of Garcia. What does that say
about Mister-$30,000 a fight-Poster Boy?

It's a fight and anything can happen?!?

"It's a fight and anything can happen?!?"

Thai, that is true. True but unremarkable. Good try though.

"Miller is extremely underrated."


Maybe it's really hard to finish Garcia?

Don't be fooled by Garcia's smile, Huerta beat the piss out of him.


DJ Hapa, did you actually see Huerta/Garcia? Huerta beat the kid senseless for 3 rounds. I mean, Gonzaga finished Cro Cop in round 1 where Fedor had to go to decision. Do you think Gonzaga is a better fighter than Fedor?

cole looked good

It means that Miller is extremely underrated by hardcore fans because he went on TUF and it means Huerta isn't all he's cracked up to be.

Either way, neither fighter gets any respect from the UG nerds until they become Japanese and get cool hair.

You had to know Cole was the real deal after his fight with Lion Takeshi.


I agree with Sandy Panties. Many fans in the south were already thinking he was the real deal leading up to that point -- but I think his fight in Japan proved a lot to all of us.

Cole x Inoue Rd 1


Cole x Inoue Rd 2



Anyone who can hang with Lion Takeshi has a future in the sport.

TTT for Cole Miller.

where's Strawberry Cat when I need him?

Cole is good remember he lost to Joe Lauzon basically because of illegal albeit inadvertent strikes to the back of the head..

We shall find out just how good Roger is because the public is demanding for a increase in competition for Huerta and I think we shall get our wish.