Collaspable/Folding Bows

Okay, now this is an odd question, but here's the best place to ask.Does anyone know where I can pick up a breakdown/folding/collaspable bow? I remember they used to sell the stupid things back in the late 80's early 90's in Black Belt as ninja equipment. Also I know they sell legit recurve bows that are collaspable/folding for campers and hikers.But I've been searching the internet and coming up with nothing.An example of a folding bow.

Why? They're shit, Petron make a strippable bow for around £120, Seen Here:

But you'll need to find a US stockist.

I've seen collapsable compound bows, too.

I need a recurve for this.

So are any folding bows any good? cuz i found a site that teaches you how to make them and i'm pretty interested in starting marksmanship.


go to and then click on the icon that says "HunterT/D" The T/D stands for TakeDown. Be warned though, these are custom bows and run in the $300+ range.