Collective "Oh F&$K" on Noah

I swear I could hear the nation go "Oh fuck" when they heard the situation.  I agree with Dana.  Being 31 I remember that shit when you though your girl was the one and nothing was more important WHEN I WAS FUCKING 18! There you learn that she is getting an immense power trip out of this and will have him by the balls until she realizes that there are other guys that want to stick thier dick in her.

He will look back at this and kick himself in the ass for the rest of his life.  Even if he did not win I am sure he would get some UFN shows and other hype that could make him some bank.  No more.  So to Noah, I have been there and thank God I had a coach that I trusted to pull my head out of my ass.  To his girl, you just ruined a guys life for your meaningless insecurites, and I know that you are loving every minute of it.

I also would say that there is about a 50% chance that they are even still together and it was bullshit that there was shitty drama instead of a fight tonight.

Best post yet on Noahs moment of lapsed intelligence. Exactly my thoughts on the situation.

Well put Halz.

The follies of youth.