Collin Anglin vs. Melsik Baghdasaryan

Up next… I got Baghdasaryan

I hope Melsik wins

Well duhhhhh

What a fucking win.

He just screamed “son of a bitch” in Armenian

This melsik dude is a lot of fun to watch!

Awesome finish!

Not a fan, between the fingers and the back of the head hammerfists, dude’s got no bushido.

He didnt land a single eye poke so your point on that one is null and they wherent pointed directly like jon jones would

Kid has a great attitude. Glad he became a citizen.

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And the back of the head hammer fists?

Also, outstretched fingers don’t have to result in a pike to be effective, they can cause your opponent to flinch or alter their attack. Ref saw it and warned him, but didn’t do shit, even the announcers mentioned it.

He thinks America is great. Keep him away from professors.