Colorado Commish:Kerr not cleared!

Following a pre-fight physical on May 6, the Colorado Office of Boxing denied Mark Kerr (Pictures) medical clearance for that evening's American Championship Fighting main event versus Wes Sims (Pictures), the commission's Director, Josef Mason, told Tuesday afternoon.

According to Mason, the medical examination showed ligament damage to Kerr's right hand, which the heavyweight said he injured while training Tuesday before the fight.

The commission's account differs from what Kerr told "Beatdown" Radio Monday evening, when "The Smashing Machine" insinuated the physician who discovered the injury had left open an option for him to compete. After heeding the doctor's advice, Kerr indicated he chose to remove himself from the card.

Ken Pishna, ACF's Director of MMA Relations, confirmed Kerr's assertion that the ACF was notified by Wednesday of the injury. Kerr told "Beatdown," however, that he did not express the full scope of the injury to the Colorado-based promotion.

Pending clearance from an orthopedic hand surgeon and Colorado's Office of Boxing, Kerr, who was scheduled to fight on American soil for the first time since 1997, is under medical suspension and prohibited from competing.

Right there proves it. I think Kerr was trying to actually make the ACF look good on the Beatdown show by covering up a few things that the ACF is coming out and telling the truth on. So there you have it. Stop the bullshit about calling Mark a cheat and all that shit because, now there is proof out that the injury is legit


You're an idiot.