Colorado Golden Gloves drama

So I'm at the Gloves, to watch a guy from my gym fight and there's plenty of interesting things to distract me from the fights lol.

The biggest was seeing Ron Lyle get jumped by some dumbass boxer and his many friends. From what information I got after the fact, this kid used to train with Ron and for some reason they had a falling out.

Apparently, they exchanged some words and it escalated to the point that this kid swung on Ron Lyle. As if it's not bad enough that a young fighter is attacking a man who has to be about 60 years old, his "crew" also got in on the action. There were several of the entourage who also started hitting him and they were even kicking him while he was on the ground. Sorry bastards. Bet that made them feel tough huh?

I was actually on the other side of the arena and didn't know it was Ron Lyle until another guy I used to train with told me. I could see what was going on, but was too far away to recognize anyone.

One bit of good news is that the punk who attacked him was DQ'ed and not allowed to box in the tournament. Bet he's feeling pretty smart right about now huh?

The show didn't get started till around 90 minutes after it was scheduled due to the ringside Doctor arriving late. Dont know what his excuse was, but I hope it was good, because there were still a bout going when I left at ten past midnight.

Saw Davarryl (sp?) Williamson there with his own team. He was funny at ringside, because he was being really animated in his instructions to his gym buddies sitting at ringside, that they were expected to then repeat to the fighter in the ring. (coaches are NOT allowed to give their fighters instructions during rounds. Only between them) I had to laugh at his hollering at them, only for them to stand and holler at the fighter. Why not discard this silly rule since everyone works around it anyways?

Our guy got robbed tonight too. Was a horrible decision that nobody outside of the judges felt he'd lost. The few dozen fans who were still there at midnight all booed this call.

I saw, spoke to, and hung out with several other Denver boxing notables. Good time overall, but it sucks that my boy was robbed.

that's a shame about Ron Lyle. I wish I'd been there to help him, I always liked him