colored ankle supports?

checked revgear, fairtex and twins and nothing i want.. anyone know a place to get colored ankle supports? Thanks.

Get a colored pair you do want, then color in the trim with a marker.

good idea link.. I checked that site and was ordering but 9 bucks for shipping was a little much for something that size..thanks though.

What's up Dave!?!

When's your next fight?

I tried to get a copy of your KOTC Dayton win, but I guess they didn't release it.

You need to bring Billy and the boys down here for a fight at Biloxi. Reality Combat ( puts on a pretty nice show. It would be nice to see you guys fight.



David e-mail me at

I will set you up.

Keep in mind also half the companies out there change the colors from the pics on their website when you order. Usually not a bad thing. Like I said, just order a pair that has a cool basic color, then go over the trim with a permanent marker.

I've got a red/white large pair of Twins that I wear over socks for road work and a medium black/red pair of Twins that I wear for training barefoot. I love em both.

WHAT UP ZOG!! I faught two months ago and rebroke my fargin hand. I win via armbar in the second round.. and not any armbar.. It was a buzzer beater from rear mount. 2 seconds to go in the round. Im suppose to fight in detroit in 7 weeks but we'll just have to see how the hand is. It feels great so far. Take care zog.

Ill send you an email asap M M A.

Oh and the KOTC deal was bullshit. I didnt even get a copy of it.. What a crock. That was a nice leg lock from bottom.

Kick Ass!!!

They said it was TKO from strikes on Sherdog.

Seriously, though...if you guys ever get a fight out here, we will have to pound some cold ones and raise some hell.



ZOG- thats nothing.. on site says i lost!! He came out threw two nice kicks. I cought the second and took hom down. Threw a few punches and passed to side mount, threw several more from there and some knees to the body. He showed his back so i threw the hooks in and went for the choke. He defended nicely so i tried to slip out the side and go to mount but he over powered me (i was told i had to make 215 so i did and he showed up at a yoked 248,lol) He raised up to strike form my guard and i swam under for the achilles..2:30 rnd 1.. AND NO GODAMN VIDEO!! Thanks Corey..;-)

That sounds freakin' awesome!!! Maybe we can convince Cory to throw it on the next KOTC Underground DVD hint

Stay in touch.

man he says it was lost to the editing room floor. Said they just made a highlight film from the night. (guess mine wasnt worthy.) Ya know what.. im emailing him again,lol..