colored names.?

so how do i get a green name or a blue one..everyone else has one.

blue=paid for pro membership

red=mod or admin



do you seriously not know?

i believe they prefer to be called the pigs


We are all one.

no im 4

yall see colors??


haha flippin sweet

It's spelled COLOUR punk!

dang all i was trying to do is get SDCartel's attention.

colored name = Tyrone & Shaneekwa

"colored name = Tyrone & Shaneekwa"


this is a racist thread

TTT for "Colored People" and "Colored Folk" , terms that were actually prevalently used at one time in the South, Dallas , Texas in particular.

" And the colored girls sing, do do , do, do do do do , do ... do , do do , do do , do...

"blue and green = People with IQ's 160 or higher "


*suddenly feels very intelligent*

*then wonders if being blonde knocks off 100 points*


shaneequa dont live here no more

" me and my girl friend Clamidia mite be cummin over soon, she's a real fine colored girl"..."actually she is mixed high yellow from Europe, I forget the country , she's either from Vulgaria or Bulimia"