Colosseum Combat

April 29th, Huntsville AL @ the VBC.

We will be posting updates as they happen. This is a ISCF sanctioned event. There will be 10 fights scheduled. We are filling the card now. Fights will be matched evenly. This will not be a place to get a warm up fight. The fight card will be set VERY SOON!



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Colosseum Combat

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I'm in. Don't know who I'm fighting yet.

We want good opponents for the 185lb AM's. We have two from SBG that fit the bill. Are there any more in Alabama?

Will Blankenship vs ______________

DJ Watkins vs ______________



I thought Will was Pro?

I have never fought as a Pro... only amateur. I want to have at least 3 more fights before I fight as a pro.

Will Blankenship - Straight Blast Gym

I must have confused you with someone else. For some reason, I thought you and Dave Hulett had fought in the past.

We did... a long time ago. It was my second fight and we were both amateurs.

(This is not directed at you Hiza Geri. I was questioned about this again and figured since we just discussed it, I would post it here.)

This has to be cleared up. I don't want to get on here and self promote like others (3 come to mind... and you know who you are). I'm just tired of being questioned about this.

I've somewhat been accused of trying to fall back from "Pro" status to fight as an Amateur. I have never fought as a Pro... if I had, I still would be. I can't think of one person that I would be trying to duck by fighting as an Amateur. To me, a Pro has to be worth a crap... and half the people that claim to be Pro are not impressive to say the least. I'm making sure that if and when I decide to step up to "Pro" status, there will be no doubt that I have a reason to claim it.

April will be 2 years since I've had a fight (I will be fighting in B'ham on Feb. 18). I got injured in Atlanta in a fight against Rashad Khaaliq. My striking game was terrible and I'm not ashamed to admit it. It took that fight with Rashad to open my eyes that I needed to do something different. I didn't come home and make excuses, I don't go around and talk a bunch of trash about how big of a badass I am... I'm not a coward. I want to show people my skill, not tell them about it. I came home from ATL, started at a new gym with a new coach, tore down my game and rebuilt it 500% better.

I have been concentrating on my training and completing college over the last couple of years. Now I've graduated college, I have a world class coach and when I start back fighting... people will have a hell of a lot more to worry about than if my status is Amateur or Pro.

Will Blankenship - Straight Blast Gym

Well said.

Right on, brother! (just for the record, I was trying to "help" the promoter - thinking he forgot to say you were "pro" ((which you aren't)) so that he could find a proper opponent, because I didn't know Dave had any ammy fights and I knew ya'll had fought) Good luck with the retool, see you in April!

sorry, typo error

Will Blankenship has been cleared to fight as an amateur by the ISCF. This should leave no questions in anyones mind the ISCF checked and he is good to go.

Will, we still do not have any takers in the state of Alabama for you.

If we don't get anyone soon, we will go out of state.

 DJ Watkins  from SBG will be fighting Terry Coy from Indiana out of the IBJJA camp


Any word on my opponent?

Hello this is Scott from ECI. We are excited about the CC show and will help you guys out any way we can.
If there is any room on the Fight Card, our Camp (Team Syco) has 3 fighters that are interested in fighting.

Scott Jennings 145-155 Am 1-1;
Glenn Siegal 125-35 Am 0-1;
Travis Hinton 170 Am 0-0;
Please call me at 256-479-0878 or
Thanks yall


We may have an opponent for you from Huntsville. I will contact his coach and see what he says.

Jay @ JAB

I appreciate it Jay. Our show is this weekend so wish us luck. You will hear from me later next week. Thanks again, The word about your show is starting to spread fast so I think you will have an awesome turnout. I would be ecstatic about being apart of it

Good luck with the show this weekend Scott.


Jay @ JAB

Thanks Jay


We have your opponent from SBG, John Henderson. If you accept we will get your fighter packet out to you next week.

Jay @ JAB


We have confirmed your opponent Beau Ridings from Indiana fighting out of the IBJJA. in Greenwood, IN.

Jay @ JAB

Good deal. Can't wait. I used to live in Huntsville and I have MANY friends and family members there.

You have email.