Combat Corner Moving Milwaukee

Combat Corner Fight Shop

Moving to Bigger, Better Location


9635 W. Greenfield Ave.

West Allis WI 53214

97th & Greenfield  2 blocks east of HWY 894

We will be open April 1st but our GRAND OPENING PARTY WIL BE APRIL 5TH

There will be food, drinks and giveaways from throwdown, clinch gear, us and others


any questions call 414-257-2450 or visit


When I first started training martial arts, I think our school was located
right around there. It was the old Warrior's Den gym. I wonder if Kaz
would remember the address? He trained there a couple of times.

TTT for Combat Corner

top for coolness



How about some bikini clad Combat Corner girls?

April 5th Eric schafer apperance in plaid bikini Polaroids $5

Im gonna work on gettin some ladies to do a bikini car wash but we all know Wisconsin is probably to cold april 5th for swimsuit weather. So expect that in June. Until then porcelin skinned ravishing one will have to do.

"Until then porcelin skinned ravishing one will have to do"

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Bill wasn't the warriors den on 87th and greenfield

Red in a Bikini washing cars......sweet!

I'll bring both my cars by!

Kaz - There were two locations pretty close to each other. One was that
large second floor location and the other was a smaller first floor
location. 87th street sounds about right for one of them. God we sucked
back then...

Oh, and TTT for CC

you guys still suck, with your old asses!!


west allis rocks. or at least it did back in 1990.

Stallis still rocks like 80's hair bands and camaro's w/ T tops. Which by the way is not cool.


The Day is approaching Fast and Stallis is stillfull of sweet Firebirds and mullets plus alot more!!!! I am, taking a poll on what type of brewski we should have.

Milwaukee's Best
Old Style

Other suggestions are welcome, but if it is more than 30 bucks a quarter barrel it's a little steep lol.

P.S. No Diet aka light beer recomendations will be accepted


Congrats on the move up!