combat stretching : matt furey

hello everybody i wanted to know if someone could do a quick review of the matt furey combat's stretching tapes , i need to know if it really works thx

just like all his other stuff...its wack

thats almost as good as my alltime favorite.
combat abs.

LOL @ mat furey knowing anything about combat.

Ask the ghost of Farmer Burns

does everyone hate this guy?

Its ok.

Just dont buy into any of the furey crap about secret chinese techniques and increasing flexibility 400% etc.

I havent watched it for a long time. But basically it starts off with some dynamic stretches, all are fine, none are "secret".

And then it gets kinda confusing, as it jumps all over the place.

From memory the super secret chinese techniqes are basically to hold the stretch , and then push it a little futher each time. This is of course, earth shatteringly cutting edge.

I think the other was sort of a half assed PNF technique of doing isometric conractions while at the far range of the stretch.

Do not waste your money on this set. It is unbelievably overpriced.

Buy a decent sports stretching book and you will learn the same things, and probably more.

Sorry to get off the subject, but did anybody read his article in Grappling? The one with Tito and Chuck on the cover. What a J@ck@ss. I wish I could support my family by training 4hrs a day. He makes it seem like they are so dedicated because they train 2 hrs in the morning then 2 hrs at night. I call that there jobs. To me dedication is when someone busts there ass 8hrs a day. Then after that trains for 2 hrs.

guys, how did matt furey ever get hired as a columnist in "grappling mag" i dont know...its there's an ancient chinese secret to training ...its call hard work and dedication

"guys, how did matt furey ever get hired as a columnist in "grappling mag" i dont know"

By being the MAN! Tapping everybody at Steve Maxwell's like typewriters! Conjuring up Farmer Burns ghost! Beating all the Chinese in some obscure Martial Art! Buy his Combat Stretching videos and you'll be sucking your own dick in no time.