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ttt for Joao Lauzinho




we fucking rule!!!

ttt, lovin massmma now, on top of things

Who is running that site it Lauzon? He should be bought a beer whoever this person is.

Lauzon is responsible for the new feel, and desing of the site. He made it so easy to update, that we all can update our content as we finish it. That makes it easy to get the new stuff up.

We never had an issue with content...we all had stuff written, but the guy who was responsible for updating it has a job that always keeps him on the road, and updating the newest nuri shakir interview while on a business trip just wasn't possible. Now that we can do it ourselves....tons of updates.

As far as running it....a few of us pitch in with that. We all do our part....except for biggie.

Keep your eyes on us...very big things are on the way!!

Rick let's get some judges here in Mass.

actually rick. i don't really do my part.

but I'm gonna start soon., lauzon and marc are the guys that "run" the site so to speak.

Biggie does the previews/reviews most of the time, and also does various opinionated pieces.

Alyssa is cute, and does interviews about once or twice a month.

Brandon takes most of the pictures.

Danny Pikes is brand new, and will also be doing reviews, and whatever else he wants....his writing is good stuff, so hopefully we see more.

Palmquist says "I'm from massmma...can I get in your event for free?" all the time, and usually shows up with a camera that runs out of batteries 10 minutes into the event, so he basically just eats, drinks, and gets a free ringside seat.....from time to time he gets drunk with a fighter and writes about it.

That a better description chris??

hahahahaha... Rick is as honest as they come.