workout challenge for the ug

 Tomorrow is my birthday ug and I posted a challenging workout on my website in celebration.  I would be curious what peoples times are so I'm going to post the workout here, anybody up for a challenge give it a shot.  You don't have to do everything consecutively but the timer starts on the first exercise and ends on the final one, TIME NEVER STOPS.  Email me your time or post them here.  Any times emailed to me will be private.  If you like it let me know.  Thanks peoples.

Dale Hartt

Each exercise is done until completion, then move on

100 pull ups

100 kettlebell swings  (two 35lbs)

50 get-ups (kettlbell or weight overhead, then stand up) 35 lbs

50 knee-ups

Please Email me your times


 I'll post my time when I do it tomorrow.  Like I said on the site, nothing better then puking on your birthday.


you can expect my times next week......when I actually finish all exercises! 100 pullups, impressive

 you don't have to do them in a row...  I usaually do 20-15 then eventually it goes down to 10 on the last one when im tired.  I'll rip through the swings and struggle on the get-ups.  Always do.  If you take some pictures I'll post them on the website.

Happy Birthday brother

woo, made the front page of your website, I'm so happy.........

Happy Birthday, I won't do THAT one, but I've been doing crossfit stuff for awhile now. So i'll do their WOD cuz well...its easier. But I'll yell your name a few times in between reps if it makes you feel better.

 knee ups?

Ill try it for sure  :)

for later

 Thanks guys, I love the underground

Knee-ups are hanging from a pull up bar touch your knees to elbows.  Just keep from swinging.  This one is tough, I used to do crossfit but now I mix it with pavel, Mike mahler, and stuff I have gotten from other fighters.  Inteveiw with Mike Brown hopefully by next week. 

 Pat, I did'nt realize that was you.  You need a green name.  Email Kirik and tell him.  Your still my longest fight!  :-)

 I just try and get a bit more volume then Crossfit, especially in my off-season type workouts.  I have a prof at school that helped me refine my ideas, not to mention many hours in the gym.  You know how it is...

Get-ups from the seated position or lying down with plate over head?

Also, could you describe what you mean by kettlebell swings? Do you mean a clean/jerk type motion?

I'll try it. thanks

 Get ups are from flat on your back, weight pointing at the ceiling.  I use a kettlebell, the weight distributes nicely because of the handle.  Keep it pointing at the ceiling the whole time with your shoulder locked down and in.  Arm straight up the whole time facing ceiling.  You can swith arms every time, or more.  I generally do five.  

kettlebell swing: Place two kettlebells between your feet. Push back with your butt and bend your knees to get into the starting position. Make sure that your back is flat and look straight ahead. Swing the kettlebells between your legs forcefully. Quickly reverse the direction and drive though with your hips taking the kettlebells straight out to chest level. Let the kettlebells swing back between your legs and repeat.

 27:36 for my time, pull-ups were tough for me.. for sure.  I got through those in about 9 minutes, 7 minutes on the swings and lost track from there.  Felt preatty good overall. 

Chris did it in 56:55, he kicked ass on the pull-ups (7:35) did well on the swings, then died on the get-ups.  Newer exercise for him, took him A LONG TIME.

Pictures to come.  I am tired.