Combative Solutions-Senshido sem.

Anyone here attending next weekend's seminar with Big Sean Madigan and Richard Dimitri in New York? I can't make it due to a wedding but would have loved to attend, if anyone here goes would you post a review of it?

Well, I'll be there. LOL


I'll also be there! :)


LOL that's good guys. I guess no one from this forum will be attending? Too bad, I'm sure it is going to be a great one. I remember there was quite a bit of interest and curiousity regarding the shredder here, this would be a good opportunity for those who wondered about to see it live.

If this was not the SBG camp weekend and 900 miles away I would love to hang with Rich and share wome training ideas.
Adam Snger

Adam, the honor and pleasure would be all mine, thank you for your kind words. I am hoping and looking forward to attending an SBG seminar sometime in the near future. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to make the last ones due to scheduling but I will be attending Sean's portion of the seminar as I understand he's an SBG affiliate.

Thanks again, hope to one day work and train with you guys.



Thanks Rich. I am sure we will all get a chance to train together some time. Next time you are looking for an SBG instructor to teach a portion of a camp let me know.


Adam, absolutely will do. Sounds like an excellent idea. I'll keep in touch.

All the best.


Very cool! An SBG/Senshido camp, this would be worth its weight in gold.