Come post some questions!!

Going live in 30 mins @ for the Kyle Loza signing, we're doing a podcast / Q&A so you guys can actually goto the site and watch but also post Topics you want us to talk about or questions you want to answer so we can talk about some weird shit


Ever arm wrestle a buddy on the back of a girl you are spit roasting? Phone Post 3.0

What would you do if a friend shaved your mustache while you were sleeping? Phone Post 3.0

Sup Ian!

When you were first getting into MMA, who was some of the fighters who inspired you?

Thanks, as always, for interacting with the fans. I don't think there is anyone who draws more support from the UG. In closing, we would let you bang, bro. Phone Post 3.0

I'm dumb, should have posted at the site... Phone Post 3.0