Come UFC 152 its a rap!

Saturday night its a fight lets go
Jonny bones jones redeems his no show
And we aaaaall know how itll probably go
heill bounce around for a round and then a hellbow
ko to the floor the old lion might go
But still ill bet on him and hope to make some dough
pleeeease Vitor watch out for his reach man
Its Like a v2 rocket from afghan-amirite- Stann?
Old lion be prepared make a vicious roar
Or youll loose this chance and BOTH your soul and spirit'll hit the floor
Yeah about that man you got me confused on the presser
whats the difference between the two tell us who are lesser
And my maaaan Bisping the count with no bling
i dont knoooow who to root for but itll be interesting
Will it go like the last time he fought an american hero
If so his iq might lessen by one followed by a zero
Just like ben and mouses fanbase man i just kid
But damn was it funny when the count compared him to a kid
So now ill take a nap and wake up later for your verses
i have a distinct taste so you better make some rehearses

insert didn't read gif here


Lol thx for the football cheers but i awoke and lo and behold no underground rap challenge?
Aaah come dry bisquits, who else got a bad sense of humour?