COMING SOON 2015 - New ATT Training Facility Pics


We're extremely excited to be moving into our new 40,000 sq. ft. training facility the spring/summer of 2015.

We anticipate breaking ground in the next few weeks. The facility will be approx. 31,000 sq. ft. on the first floor, and an additional 9,000 sq. ft. on the second floor where we will have dorm rooms available for our visiting pro fighters. 

American Top Team


Awesome, Florida I'm assuming? Phone Post 3.0


that looks incredible

congratulations on new facility

The best get greater still.

@SidRivalRespectsTheHellOutOfMe - Yes, right around the corner from where we are currently located in Coconut Creek, FL.

The best training facility in the world just got even better! TTT

Looks amazing!

Wow. Looks like a freakin' car dealership.

Amazing. Phone Post 3.0

Are those racquetball courts next to the mats? Phone Post 3.0

awesome. Wish I still lived down there

Congrats on the continued success! Phone Post 3.0

You know some 10 year old kid is going to walk in there and chase a dream that will come true. Amazing facility.

Nice, just a little to plain or change the color to something less dull.

Who is going to be the first champ from American top team? Phone Post 3.0

After Robbie of course… :) Phone Post 3.0

Jesus thats beautiful. Phone Post 3.0