Complain about TUF guys in the UFC

If you do stop now because they will be the UFC by mid next year. Has
anyone thought about the fact that these guys are supposed to fight
three times per year and after TUF 3, there will be 6 Champions?

That means out of 4 shows per year 18 fights will consist of these
guys, since there are only 8 fights on a card 50% of the UFC shows next
year need to be with TUF fighters. I know they will have a few of these
Spike specials etc. but you also have guys like Leben and Florian to fill

I just want to start preparing you guys now so you can get all of your
bitching done by the end of the year.

It is by design they are pushing everyone out!

Damn good point, pretty soon the only way to make the UFC will be from an UF show !!! ;)

Hopefully Zuffa will start it's own show on tv.

Maybe they will have television belts to fight for.

Some good points made; we will have to see what happens, I still think
that the main PPV will be watered down because of these guys. I hope
I'm wrong...

hopefully the ufc can work out more UFN's and keep the mojarity of the TUF guys there and leave just the tough winners and the "real" fighters on the PPV

I think the UFC is moving toward a ppv every month and an UFN every other month. They already have one scheduled for January 16 with Tim Sylvia as the headliner and then a PPV is .at the end of the month

I don't know why Crow isn't getting the shot.

Example: Main Event of Arlovski v. Buentello

correction... after TUF 3, there will be 7 fighters with the six figure deal.

But by the time TUF 3 is over a piece of the the TUF 1 commitments will be fufilled.

"But by the time TUF 3 is over a piece of the the TUF 1 commitments will be fufilled."

Who???? I thought they were three year contracts, are they only one year?

One year, three fights, 6 figures.

So Forrest and Diego have another fight by when Feb.?

Yikes, thats a long time to be locked up.

I said A PIECE of the commitment would be fufilled.

By the time the TUF 3 guys are ready to fight under their contract, Griffen, Bonnar, and Diego will be 2 or 3 fights into their contracts, and Rashad and Joe would likely have one of their guaranteed fights done already as well.