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Hello all bjjers,

you are most likely wondering why i posted this thread on this forum...for me the answer is simple, bjj and judo are not as different as many would have you to believe, and ALL real bjj matches (not training) start on the feet...dont make the huge failure of rockin' on the mat but not having a clue about the stand-up game...

this brand new in shrink wrap two dvd-video set was compiled from the five original vhs titles. They are #1.pinning and transition techniques..#2 chokes and armlocks...#3 hand and hip throws...#4 leg and sacrifice tchniques...#5 combinations and counters...

a very brief review...almost 20 pins and their escapes...have you ever been pinned by a great judoka?...master this skill and you can give your partners a real tough time...almost every bjj bb teaches positional domination prior to submission, well here you go...escapes are shown for every pin, which is something other instructors base their foundations on....how to effectively pass the 1/2 gaurd...6 awesome drills...7 gi chokes...straight armlock mechanics (gi and no-gi are shown), 15 entries including the flying...bent armlocks, mechanics (shown with and w/o the gi)9 entries...triangle mechanics and 4 entries...attacking the turtle (too many to count)....omaplata, mechanics and standard entry...9 methods of breaking the grip of a tough game fighter who does not want to get tapped on the straight armlock...many transitions from pin to sub back to pin...plus all the throws listed by the Kodokan....for the money and info this set cant be beat...period

5-6 camera angles, slo mo, each move shown about 15-20 times and voice over commentary by the world champion so you know exactly what to look for...i love this set, it changed my view of judo!...thanx and peace from the roc

on more thing...for self defense, master of few of the throws and it's all over on the street (as most people wear clothes in the real world)...one awesome tai-otoshi on concrete and it's a walk-off home run...certainly you don't want to pull gaurd in a real fist fight...there is no tellin what is on the ground (glass, nails, etc)...the point is that judo is awesome for self defense as well as integrating it into your bjj game...peace

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Goop: Wtf does that mean?

he's being a ass, thats all.

thansk MSF TTT:)


An armbar is an armbar, a triangle is a triangle. Judo has some good reverse triangles, handy on a person getting back to their feet. The basic triangle from guard is identical.


I hear ya. Only about 20% of the two dvd set is on submissions. The rest is on dominating your opponent on the ground through pinning, throws and learning how to attack with up to four throws like a machine gun. Counters are the flip-side...be ready for his attack with a comeback of your own. But I would rather learn subs from a bjj bb as well, but Mr. Swain is joined on the dvd (in the sub/pinning sections) by Keith Nakasone (Oylmpian and 5x National Champion), who has mad ground skills. But I hear ya loud and clear. Thanks for your interest.



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seriously though, how can you label someone an "asshole" and a "cheapass" when you have never even met me? further, i paid for a blue name so i am not THAT cheap. look at my posts and most (over 90%) will have nothing to do with selling dvds or gis...on that critical point you are just plain wrong. why is it ok for others (with mud names) to sell products, but i am not permitted to, even having paid for the right to link? yeah...i see your logic. i wish i could be as smart as you, since clearly you are a rocket scientist. btw, what is your job? of course other than degrading people you've never met? comedian?...i would hope not b/c you aint funny. doctor? lawyer? how many languages can you speak? what college did you graduate from? the point is you don't even know me, yet you blast away at me for the simple reason that i am trying to sell dvds and gis. if that is the only criteria for slamming someone than a lot of folks on this forum would be asses too (even with their mudnames)...the difference is i help support this site...finally, what did i do to YOU that would make you label me such? exactly, absolutely nothing...peace to everyone all around the world...


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  1. I did not mention my education level.
  2. I did not join mma.tv for listing my dvds and gis. The vast majority of my posts are not related to selling anything. If you knew ME, you would not doubt this at all (still the same old PT player). Again, your assertion is flat-out wrong.
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  5. Thank you for the ttt(s)...sincerely thank you!
  6. One final question, which you did not answer in your previous post, what did I do to YOU?

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