Compromised Chimaev Touted To Lose To Whittaker Due To Health Reasons - The Punk

“The Punk” questions Chimaev’s health…

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Josh Thomson does not appear to be hugely confident in Khamzat Chimaev for his next fight.

On June 22, the UFC will make its debut in Saudi Arabia with a card headlined by former UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker taking on Khamzat Chimaev.

The bout will mark Chimaev’s first appearance in the Octagon since besting former ex-welterweight titleholder Kamaru Usman via unanimous decision back at UFC 294.

‘Chimaev Fights Very Careless’ - Thomson Assesses Whittaker vs. Chimaev

During a recent edition of WEIGHING IN with Josh Thomson and “Big” John McCarthy, “The Punk” suggested that Chimaev’s undefeated streak might be coming to an end.

“I think his 0 is gone,” Thomson asserted.

Thomson acknowledged that early on, Chimaev will likely be the more dominant fighter. However, his style is flawed due to his general recklessness in the cage.

“In the first round, two rounds, I’m gonna lean a little bit more towards Chimaev,” Thomson said. “But I’m not putting Whittaker out of it either 'cause Chimaev fights very careless, he fights so reckless. It’s very entertaining for the fans, I’m not knocking that.”

The former Strikeforce lightweight champion went on to suggest that Chimaev’s past struggles with COVID-19 might still be haunting him physically
Thomson pointed out how Chimaev actually came unstuck against an under-prepared Kamaru Usman during the closing stretch of their fight, implying Chimaev’s health might be what’s slowing him down.

“I just don’t believe that he has been the same since he had COVID,” Thomson said. “His lungs I think are f***ed up, I think his conditioning and cardio. Sure, he’s been fighting a good pace, but there’s no way a guy coming from 170, Kamaru Usman, should have came up and given you that type of fight in the third round, and won the third round, when you had a full camp. I just believe there’s some underlying issues that he just hasn’t been able to figure out.”

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I for one, want to see Chimaev lose spectacularly.

Hopefully Ko’d and poops his pants while unconscious


cummaev has all cards in his favour. it is the only reason he finally agreed to this fight.

Let’s see if he can finally back up his own shit talk

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Touted to lose because he’s never fought anyone good and can’t go 5 rounds… and now he’s fighting this guy in a 5 rounder.

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Knuckles by bloody beat down.


I can actually picture Kumshot crying if he loses


Tears of blood

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Whittaker has it in the bag in my opinion, I can’t see a way he loses, he will shrug Chimaevs take downs off and punch the head off him.

Chimaev isn’t anything special imo.

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Extremely over hyped.
He’s beaten a couple of 155ers.
He beat Kamaru at a weight kamaru has never fought at in MMA , on less than a week’s notice , and both of kamarua knees are fucked.

He beat Rhys McKee who is 0-4 in the UFC.
They even tried to pair him up with a shot and frail Nate Diaz ffs

This will definitely be his toughest test, and I’m praying Rob smashes him ,


If Whittaker can stop the takedown and not get subbed in the first round, he wins by TKO or KO

He’s bigger, stronger, and faster than Gilbert Burns who had Khamzat rocked


I would also like to See Bo smash Khamzat probably next year

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