Condit talks cursed collision with dry erase board

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                                Condit talks curse collission with dry erase board

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"I was kind of moving some stuff around in my garage and I had some old junk. I had a broken dry erase board, like a bulletin board type thing, and I picked it up to kind of toss it over to my trash pile. I kind of Frisbee tossed it, and it had a sharp piece of metal, kind of the surface of the dry erase board, and it sliced me real good," Condit told in an exclusive interview.

"Initially what happened was I went down to urgent care, got some stitches, and they said that I should be cool in a couple days, so nothing really changed for me."

“I was back to training and everything, but the next day my hand started swelling up and hurting like a son of a b**** and that's kind of when I decided I wasn't going to be able to do the fight and then a couple days later I went to see a hand specialist and they admitted me to the hospital right away cause I had a real bad staph infection."

The staph infection put Condit in the hospital for a six-night stay. When he was released, he was still not able to train full on due to an IV that had to be administered for six weeks for antibiotics to fully flush out the infection.

With his hand finally healed and the hospital stay behind him, Condit is now back training at Greg Jackson's gym in New Mexico and looking forward to a return to action.

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TKO by dry erase board.

That's horrible. MMA has had more than its share of bizarre but terrifying infections.

Mr R 1982 - TKO by dry erase board.


no contest due to cut IMO