Congrats Baby Silverback

Purple Belt No-Gi Pans winner! Good job man Phone Post 3.0

Dang thats awesome! Way to go Joel! Congrats, way to represent us Indiana boys! Phone Post 3.0

Hey thanks guys! I felt great today & reached my goals of getting double gold. Thank you for the support! Phone Post

My division win

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Nice Phone Post

Tough guy!!!! Phone Post 3.0

Great job.

Guess who else I ran into..

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Here's from the open division

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Need video of your final open match. Dude is huge Phone Post 3.0

I know it recorded, my teammates wife got it. It'll be up on YouTube, I have absolutely no idea how to post it on here. I won on points with a single leg takedown & landed in side. All I know is that I did not want to try to play bottom game with him! Thanks for the support Phone Post

You too banged up for EGO or will u be there? Phone Post 3.0

I'll be there! Phone Post

Joel, post that video of you rolling with the giant! Phone Post 3.0

My teammate has the footage, he's going to put it on YouTube. As for linking it here, I have no idea. I'm really a caveman when it comes to technology...

Quick breakdown of the final match....a whole lot of hand fighting & pummeling, with me circling to keep an angle. I found my spot & got a single leg take down & landed in side control. I managed to maintain it long enough to get my points. He benches me off of him & turtles, I try to work a choke, but didn't like the angle. We scramble back to our feet & finish the match pummeling & hand fighting again. He was coming forward the whole match & I was plain tired afterwards. AWESOME weekend Phone Post

Congrats. Gold in an IFBJJ tourney is awesome, and you got 2 in one day.

Parabens Phone Post 3.0

Way to go Joel!!!!! Phone Post 3.0

Congrats!! Awesome job!!!

baby-silverback - Here's from the open division

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Second place dude is freaken gigantic Phone Post 3.0

Congrats! Phone Post