Congrats Barncat!!

WOW! Way to go man! I alone here?...Tamden "The Barncat" McCrory just tapped out Pete Spratt at UFN!

I had a feeling he would do that!


TTTEAM BOMB SQUAD REPRESENT! Way to make us proud bro! You deserve it!



Spratt lost to a Nerd!


Awesome! Gets him with a Triangle. Nerd winds!!

ttt for Tamden

Great win for Tamden and CNY MMA, congrats.

Doh!...Your right. You suck and all, but your right.

Sorry for the spoiler guys...My bad.

I hate that to :(

But I was pumped that the kid won :)...Hmmmm...Yeah I'd do it again.


Seems like FABES said he would win off his back via sub..


Congrats! they better show it.

Congrats to you Tamdan......10 and 0!

With my luck lately, they will not only show it, but it will be this huge surprise out of nowhere ending, and everyone here is gonna be bitching at me for ruining it for days.

Great...Can't wait.

Trying not to see to many results here but "barncat" is an awesome nickname.

From the pbp at sherdog it sounds like Spratt was handling Tamdan before the quick submission in round two.

Congrats to Tamdan, way to persevere and never give up. I just wish the oddsmakers hadn't made you the favorite so I could've won more money!

Toooooo cooool!!!

fucking fantastic. kid deserves it. great win.

So no love from SpikeTV on airing his fight huh?



Huge congrats to tamdan!!

Very well-deserved win.

Kid works hard.