Congrats CompleteMMA!!!!!!!!!

I want to say congrats to all my students that competed at the Mind Body Soul Tourney this past weekend.

Brad Oxby - 1st in the Gi and 2nd in Nogi

Craig Warnecke - 2nd in the Gi and 2nd in Nogi

Zach Campbell - 1st in the Gi and 2nd in Nogi

Curtis Littlewolf - 1st in the Gi

Sheena Campbell - 3rd in the GI

Jan Stien - 2nd in the Gi 3rd in Nogi

AJ Scales - 1st in the Absolute Invitational



Photos will be up soon!!!!

I would like to say thank-you to my coach - AJ Scales and also thanx to the crew from Complete MMA for the training...
Curtis Littlewolfe

congrats AJ

Congrats to you and your team AJ!


Ronin MMA

Congratulations AJ.

Thanks guys!!!

Photos are up,


  • 1 Good job boys!!