Congrats Din Thomas & Jeff Monson

Din Thomas & Jeff Monson made there pro boxing debut tonight.They each had a 4 round match scheduled in Port St. Lucie, Fl.Jeff & Din both fought to a draw.Congrats to both for stepping out of there comfort zone and taking on a new challenges!Great job guys!American Top Team

Hey congrats to both of you! You guys rock

congrats guys

congrats to both. Din has the hands to be a pro for sure. I'm surprised Jeff is boxing, but more power to him

Monson is cool as hell, I just wish he'd have had some better showings in the UFC..... of course when you fight Liddell, and Ricco, it's kinda hard to look really good.

Congratulations fellas!

Congrats Guys!

Congrats guys. This will only improve their all around game IMO.

Peter P


Damn, this is the first I heard about it! Wish I had known!

(PSL is close by........very little advanced publicity or coverage, especially with Din and the "local guy makes good" angle!)


cool news

Jeff did surprisingly well.

you could tell by looking at him that he was shootin that double.


Was that a little bit of "playa hatin" Hermes?

Man, you guys at ATT, are going to be taking over soon.

damn... thats a courageous thing to do, if these went wrong it would have been ugly.

welcome hermes!! thanks for some great fights.



Pictures are up at

congratulations Din and Jeff on your win. I challenge you Din for The left knee injury championship of Orlando. You are a Pro boxer now you'll have to meet me half way and fight at 140 lbs for The injured left knee championship of Orlando. rrrrrr! Disregaurd this message Jeff it's personal between me and Din.