round of applause for our own FCTV808, the Mayor McCheese of the HG...

tonight, Tuesday December 11th, he was awarded his black belts (plural) in both Hapkido and Tae Kwan Do.

For those keeping track:

Judo: Black Belt

Hapkido: Black Belt

Tae Kwan Do: Black Belt

BJJ: Purple Belt

Female "closing" skills: White Belt


  Female "closing" skills: White Belt

Don't make me have to bust out the picture again!!!

 Then again, no woman is safe now.... FCTV808 is a 4stripe white belt ready to get his blue. No punani is safe!

getting ready for work?

Getting ready to get ass-handed back to me at Cobra Kai :)

I do miss getting the ass-handed back by Mark, congrats again bro!


I'd hug you, but I may have somthing contagious

i'm going for the title, "mr. tma"

now for aikido and taichi!

Grandmaster in Tmobile SideKicking Interweb surfing.

congrats, but I realy suggest you work on your female "closing" skills and atleast get a blue belt to match those balls of your!! lol

oh man. i think you're right jjd. planning to learn some french. i hope that helps.

 "mr. tma"

What be that?

Lesson here fellas: No punani = deadly fighting skills

Chee to the Hoo Bruddah!

congrats fctv this deserves a cheeeeee huuuuuuu although i must admit i type it much better than i can perform said cheeee huuuuing LOL!

Congrats FCTV!

thx everybody! indeed, these are probably the last bbs I'll see in my lifetime...

wipes tear

Mr. TMA = Mr. Tap More A$$

if only that were true :(

FCTV >Purple belt BJJ > Me