Congrats from Domination Fightwear

I would like to congrats everyone for a great show last week-end.

Alex Gasson, you are such a nice guy, don't worry about your loss, Goulet is a tough one with a lot of experience, you will be back.

Thierry Quenneville, you impressed me again and no wonder why they call you the surgeon. You pulled that armbar from nowhere.

Mark Colangelo, you fought well against some extra-talented guy. I knew Bocek was good but not that good. Who knows what could happened in that secound round. Take care of your knee and hope to see you back in the gym very soon. Congrats both Marks.

Stephane Vigneault: This guy improved of 100% within a year, watch out SLW division, he's coming, Steph will be hard to beat in the months to come, thank you for your support and your help in the gym.

Stephane Dubé, what to say other than OUCH!!!!!! what a spectacular way to end a fight, you impressed me my friend, i hope to see Kajun back in Montreal, the kid is tough and fun to watch.

Yan Pellerin, you won 1 and 3/4 rounds on 2, but Mahood won the fight, a win is a win, but you showed a lot of talent against one tough Mofo. You seemed ok after the fight and i hope to see you back in the gym soon.

Steve Vigneault, my friend, i wish you all the best, take care of you. Steve showed me a lot in that sport and it's because of him i started to fight, he was there for me in my first fights. Take care friend, take your time, i wish you the best.

Crow, you are still the man in my book, congrats for stepping up against one of the toughest athletes worldwide, fighting is sometimes a strategy and making mistakes is human and part of the game. You will be back, i guarantee.

Also i would like to congrats Guigui for stepping up against Hominick, Hominick impressed me a lot (again!!), man this kid is amazing!!!!!

Congrats everybody for a great show!!!