Congrats Garret!!!!

A huge congratulations to Garret Davis on his big win last night.. taking home the belt..

He completely dominated the fight and ended it via rear naked choke in the first round...

Way to go... this is just the beginning!!

flawless victory.

Awesome. Congrats to a great fighter. This is just the start ...

Right on Garrett - Congratulations!

Garrett, this is Eugene. Congratulations on your big win. I wish I could have been there. Hope to see you at the pool sometime soon.


Great job Garrett!

(not that he knows how to use the internet)


good for you Garrett!!

can anyone post any pic's?

Fantastic work Garret.... We're all very proud of you.

The best is yet to come......TTT for the East Coast !

Thanks to everyone who helped me get ready for this fight: Marcus Soares and the whole Soares crew, Team Kang, and Vlado for taking over when Denis and Marcus where away. Thanks to Denis Kang and Bill Mahood for convincing me that no opponent could ever punish me as bad as they do in training and for pissing me off so bad that i had to take it out on someone else -poor rusty:)

Garett Davis

big ups to the Fighting Newfie. feel sorry for your next opponent!

Mark from calgary

Well done!

Big congrats! After the way that guy disrespected you, I was so glad you handed him his a$$. I had to laugh at the irony of him making that slit motion across his throat then ends up getting choked out.


now that you said that, I rememberd, he did make the slit mation. HA!HA!

Congrats Garret on your match!

yeah that guy was funny making that neck slit motion... what a dork! Garrett took that meathead to jiu jitsu

Sounds glorious! wish I could have seen it- awesome news Garret.

I think that Garrett made the slitting motion back at the corner after the choke.

mountainboy, nice to see you, give me a e-mail at I've got PC now