Congrats Jeff Cox

what more can i say.. i made a mistake and u capitalized on it.. Your a very tough and game fighter.. best of luck in the future...I would love to say lets do it again but... i fight at 155 and i plan to stay there... Congrats..

Man of Steel.. Jake Short

Classy post Jake.Keep your head up bro you'll win the next one.

jake, I'm glad that you are o.k., you seem like a class act! I was there, and I do have a question for you. It seemed like you were in an impossible position; why didn't you tap sooner? If you felt that you could escape, I sure do admire your determination. Best of luck in the future! Psychic Tom

I have seen Cox fight 3 times now and have been impressed all three times.

I believe that he gets all of his power from those maroon tights that he wears.

Jake thought he might be able to get out, but had nothing to lose by not tapping. He is fine, and fighting on the 12 of Nov.

Congrats to Jeff!


Jake is an accomplished wrestler, so I was very impressed with Cox's wrestling ability. This is such a tough sport though. One little mistake can cost so much. Jake has been working on his stand up and from the little time they were on their feet it showed. Congrats to Cox. I know this fight will help Jake be a better fighter. Murder City Fight Team!!