Congrats Joslin's Crew!!

Congrats to everyone who competed at the Champions Challenge this past weekend!! You guys all did awesome!!

Way to go J. Joslin for tappin out eveyone in the pro division even that BJJ Black Belt!!! You too time it will be you and H. Matomoros in the finals...tuff break!!

Once again congrats dudes!!!!

Somewhere there is a closet with a *very* dusty black belt just waiting and waiting for Joslin :)

It was a great event and lots of laughs. I only wish it was on a Saturday. Next time more sleep, less chat at 2AM, and more laughs. I love the SPRAWL shirt I won, I enjoyed the competition, and the laughs were good.

Thanks guys it was a good weekend. And Jeff was the man with all his competition. Jeff had some difficult guys in his division.

NEXT TIME, NEXT TIME we vote someone off the Island or out of the room. (joke)

Congrats to double J and Team Joslin's! Where was this event held?

Congrats guys! What tourney was this?

Double J, you the man. I miss you brotha! Shoot me an email sometime soon:


Tourney was in Michigan. It was posted on the ATAMA forum, Champions Challenge. Rowan we did well, I got 1st in Gi, 2nd in No-Gi, Chris 3rd in Gi, Edge 1st in Gi, 2nd in Absolute, PJ got 2 & 3rd I believe. Jeff won the Pro's.

Willey dude you are such a dork i bet you checked the forum evrey 2 minutes for someone to post something regarding the tournament. Im glad someone did so you can finnaly post your gay thoughts.
And i guess bitches that duck peaople get sprawl shirts and a few more should have been handed out and guess what no matter how many sprawl shirts you get its not gonna change you andyou still cant get a girl with those looks and jeffs red shirt you took form the hotel room haha wwwwwwwwhhhhaaaaaatttt

Congrats guys, I wish I was there competing too :(

grappling is for the weak! but good job guys.

Hey Rocko, (BS) WHAT did you get deported from the US!!

Good work guys; way to represent for Canada!


Jeff looked SICK. No one could touch him.

All the Joslin's guys fought great. Nik almost had the twister a few times and made his opponent scream in pain from the banana split. Slick.


Yo elliet do you have my fight on tape by any chance i that i seen you recording send it to me plz at