Congrats Kaream

Just wanted to take a moment (late at night) to send out a huge congrats to my student Kaream Ellington who defeated Kinichi Yamamoto at the MFC tonight - just seconds before the end of the first round via several knees to the head. Kaream followed our game plan to the T and dominated. Yamamoto fought just as we expected based on his reels and Kaream trained very hard for very specific situations which did, in fact, arise. Yamamoto was tough but, Kaream disabled his attacks, landing a sweet full suplex and other take downs, defending all his sub attempts and winning the match. He deserves major props! More details later when I have more time to write. I am off to Flordia for a week.
Thanks to the many people who helped - Alan Lee and Masashi Yoshizawa for great scouting reports on Yamamoto. Miguel Rivera (Wu Fang) who worked Muay Thai with Kaream as well as his sparring partners Anthony Sansonetti (and his student Jeremy) and Ken Gibson. Also, all the folks at NYCS who pushed Kaream very hard to get ready for this fight.
See you all in a week.

you deserve a lot of the credit for this win Steve. congratulations to Kaream for a well deserved win. you looked fantastic going in and worked very hard for this. the two of you worked really well together and have a great future. Steve, you're a great coach and Kaream, a great athlete and fighter.

Congratulations Steve & Kaream!

Hope the trip to Florida goes well with your family.

Thanks guys. Kaream's fight was truly a team effort but, he is still the one who steps in the ring. He did a great job. I am very happy for him. See you in a week.

P.S. it was cool to meet Fedor and Rich Franklin in the same night!





Excellent. Very cool!


Thanks Wu! In Florida right now. Sorry about cutting you off on the phone before I left. We will touch base when I get back. Those are seriously kind words. It was great training with you that day as well.














From sherdog...

nice shot!

hey, who's that guy between Kaream's feet? looks just like Sambo Steve!