Congrats Lets Roll/ EdmontonBJJ

This friday 6 guys got their new belts from Rodrigo Munduruca. Kyle Cardinal (Brown Belt), Paul G, Jay R, Steve w, and Rick (Purple Belt) and Tarik (Blue Belt).

Congrats all !!

Calvin Hess

Congrats everyone.

Calvin, did you grow up in St. Albert?  I am wondering if I know you.

Kyle, thanks for the reffing.

Great job guys.

Congrats Kyle... you were pretty good at keeping that secret yesterday... I would have made an annoucement for you and your boys.

Cherrypicker I grew up in Redwater. I know of another Calvin Hess either from St. Albert or Morinville. You can catch me at Edmonton Bjj club on Monday nights. I am purple one stripe. cheers

Congrats guys, keep up the good work!


special thanx goes out to Rodrigo for always givin the goods at the seminars,congrats on the win at the tourney, good job to Victor, very tough to mount any kind of offence on Roddy.