CONGRATS Macedawgg !!!

If i'm not mistaken Macedawgg just got hooked !!!

Where you at brother ??????

What's the married life like ( not much different ) lol


Congrats if true

He got hooked a few weeks ago.  Congrats to Mace, my condolences to his lovely bride.


Thanks Ibelieve and all!

I did indeed--2 weeks ago on Saturday in Whistler, British Columbia!

In freezing cold Scottsdale, back at work now.  Sea to Sky is spectacular--highly, highly recommended.  I'll put some pics on the OG when I get them.


And if it doesn't work out in the future, a Congrats in advance! :)

Damn. Another bites the dust. Was your dawg the ring girl?

Congrats Macedawgg!!

LOL at Bravo!  Still have your phobia?  Bravo going to get married someday. 

Thank you Thank you!

TTT for the dawg joining the elite team.

I'm freazing in Phx right now bro whatsupwiththisweather?