congrats Marcus and Monstah

Congrats to Marcus Jones and Monstah lobstah on their victories Saturday night at the RFC. Marcus fought a very tough and game Eddie Boza. Eddie showed the heart and courage of a true warrior, he will go far in mma, but Marcus is a force of nature.

Monstah showed his skill and a ton of heart in spite of being illegally and cowardly heel stomped in the face twice, resulting in a badly broken nose and head injuries that he fought gamely through.

These illegal shots were the only shots landed by Ali Rahwon, whos game plan consisted of running for his life on the feet and hugging like a koala bear on the ground. His goal was clearly to make it to a decision and not to fight like a man and he seemed incredibly proud of his accomplishment. This sport is for warriors Ali, not side show freaks. I wont even go into your asinine behavior at the weigh ins.

If you are looking for an activity that rewards avoiding all human contact, may I suggest hide and seek, not mma.  By the way while you were running around celebrating your LOSS with your friends, secretly in places they will not admit to, they were disgusted by your behavior.   In closing, please kill yourself.

Rob Kahn

Remember: Down the road, not across the street.

Total bitch move on Ali's  part.  Not once but twice.  As for the reffing and judging, I think they need to go back to little league tee ball games.   

Ali was running around the XFC event on Sunday like he was Chuck or Tito..... what a punk!

Ali ducked some of my guys after signing up to fight them a year ago and talked smack about it. LOL he even called my gym pretending to be someone else and asking info about my guy.  Since then he has ran his mouth open here with multiple names.  That guy is and always has been a loser.  Im sad Monstah didn't break his arm.


Damn Im lost for words....LMAO


Hugging like a koala.  I remember he did that when I fought him!  LOL!

Sad to hear

Grats TG

I was there all true.

God, let this guy just die already!

Ali Radwan: An Apology

GoodBye UnderGround Forum!!!!!!!!!

Ali is a C level fighter at best. I'm not sure how this fight even got booked. Everyone knew he had less than a snowball's chance in hell. Sorry to hear about Allen's nose. It was a win-win for Ali to sign the fight no matter what the outcome just by being able to say he fought him. It was a no win situation for Allen because if he lost it could hurt him bad but if he won he beat a nobody that he should beat 99 times out of 100. My 2 cents. Hope Allen's nose heals up good.

yeah i was pretty confident...
i felt great everything went as planned out of the gate but you know its a fight anything can happen....
lets be honest the fight was won a minute and a half into the fight with the armbar,his arm would have broke had the ref not stopped it to take the point...
i broke my nose and the rest of the fight was me chasing the sub...
it was a trying fight really tough to breath and swallowing blood for three rnds, but i had to go threw that kinda fight really tested myself....

Great way to look at it Monstah.With a mindset like that you'll do nothing but climb in this sport!!I'm a fan.