Congrats on Rebecca's KOTC fight!!

Report from fight:

What a war! Rebecca won her debut MMA fight via split decision against a very tough Thricia Poovey. In her post-fight interview Rebecca commented that her opponent hits very hard, and she has the battle scars
to prove it.

In a textbook application of her game plan Rebecca circled her opponent around the cage before finally pinning her against the fence, directly in
front of her corner. While delivering multiple knee strikes to her opponent's thighs, Rebecca worked unsuccessfully to take her down to the ground. At this time Thricia was able to land numerous small
uppercuts to Rebecca's face, causing her nose to bleed and some swelling to her eye.

After a restart by the referee the stand-up battle resumed, with multiple exchanges occurring between the fighters. Rebecca repeatedly pinned Thricia against the cage, working knees and elbow strikes to score points with the judges.

Round two included much of the same. Both fighters came out swinging but a tight defense allowed Rebecca to weather much of the storms while unloading punches of her own. Both fighters came prepared for a battle
with cardio to spare. Should the fight have had to go a third round, I believe both fighters would have been physically prepared to deliver.

The final result of the fight was a split decision in Rebecca's favor, earning her the victory, and a place in King of the Cage history. Reflecting back on the fight Rebecca is very happy that she was able to deliver the kind of fight that the KOTC crowd appreciated. The KOTC promoters, and the cheering crowd agree!


Thanks Matt. There are some after fight pics here:

And some pic, articles, etc. from before the fight here:


We all knew she would do well!! When's her next one??

Way to go Rebecca!