Congrats Ryan Ciotoli=TAI-KAI JJ

I just want to say congrats to Ryan Ciotoli of Tai-Kai Jiu-Jitsu for winning the Grapplers Classic this weekend In Michigan. Ryan wrestled for Ithaca College and trains at Tai-Kai in Liverpool,NY. He won the Pro tournament by defeated Henry Matramos(sp) and Dave Gardner. Congrats RYAN

Tai-Kai Jiu-Jitsu

Congrats Ryan

I thought Ryan stopped training at Tai Kai a long time ago?

And HUGE congrats to Ryan

Ryans the man

Congratulations, Ryan!

*LMFAO* he just 'wrestled' for Ithica...
He won NCAA for div 3, didn't he?

Congrats to him, making it past Gardner and Matamoros is no small thing.

And I dont think he just wrestled at Ithaca, he is the assistant coach there. He also made the Olympic wrestling team but didnt go because it would upset his life too much. Ryan is just NASTY

Ken was probably just being humble in offering the basic 411 on Ryan.

I thought Ryan was from the Bombsquad now, not Tai Kai. I am sure he and Honcecker stopped going there a long time ago, unless they started going again?

Ryan was # 1 in the country 3 years in a row in college

Ryan has been training at Tai-Kai. There was a period of time he could not get down because of coaching werstling but I assure you that he does train here. I workout with him all the time

My bad then, ttt and another congrats to Ryan

Those are BIG wins!!! Congratulations!

Could someone post a bio of Citolli?
My instructor went up against him at NAGA this past August.

Do a search on him in google, you will get quite a few pages about his wrestling at Ithaca

I did a search on him, and he was a two time NCAA division 3 runner up as far as I could see. He was tough.

Congrats man, those are 2 really tough guys. Good wins.