Congrats SiegeMMA Arizona

 Congrats to fighter : Steve Eldridge!

Steve, fought sunday in Sac ,Ca for Gladiator Challenge, for the 185 pound title. Steve won the fight just under 3 min by rear choke. All the coaches at Siege are very proud, (Jeff Paulson, Shannon Ritch, Chip Kirk, ) Steve is a very hard worker, trains everyday, and it shows. This was his 2nd fight in MMA. He fought a tough opponnet - Robert sarsokzy " (spelling) the guy had a alot of fights, but Steve Stepped up and fought hard for the win.

Steve Ultimate Goal is to fight for the UFC, he has been training for 2 years and now is ready to go out and fight.

Congrats again Steve ! Great Job!

Your freind,

Shannon "The Cannon"

 Congrats! I would also like to thank Jeff Paulson for taping me up and cornering me for my Title fight Saturday in Fargo ND. He is a very generous and helpful guy and I can't wait to stop by Siege for some training in the near future !

Austin Judge



Siege is really becoming a big gym here in az. This is where Riggs is training out of for the Baroni fight. Congrats on your win Steve!

Shannon Ritch is teaching at Siege?

I thought that was a Lotus Club school?!?!?!

It is Lotus Club Jiu-Jitsu. Black Belt instructors. But there's also wrestling, MT, MMA etc...