Congrats to Fancy Pants!

Was hoping to see the fight, but congrats on the first round RNC victory over Duane Ludwig! Always a fan of both fighters. 

This is just the beginning. TTT for Fancy Pants in WEC/UFC.

fancy pants vs gurgel makes sense


guy is an animal

 Thanks guys!

glad to see ya finally join!!

ttt for Fancy Pants


 Congrats Lyle.

Lyle - I announced you as wearing your momma's short during your entry....where were they?

 What? Fancy Pants didn't wear his fancy pants? I would've felt cheated... Wish I could've watched the fights.

They were under my shorts. My shorts were cut, so you could still catch a lil Fancy. Im still trying to figure out how to do sponsors and Fancy Pants together.

fight should have been shown on the main card IMHO. I've seen 3? of Lyle's fights now and they are always exciting.

I would keep the fancy pants but go with black patches with your sponsor names in a complimentary color to whatever your mom sews up for you to fight in.

Maybe network with Logan "The Pink Pounder" Clark?

You could always save Mom a sponsor spot and have her sew a patch of the Fancy on the others.

heard it was the school yard choke?..

Congrats! A big win for sure.

FancyPants -  Thanks guys!

 Fuckin 99 newb!

cmcgraw - heard it was the school yard choke?..

Oh yeah? I thought I saw on Sherdog last night that it was a RNC...

Last night they had it as a rear naked choke.. now tonight they have it as a bulldog choke.. hmm...