Congrats to Helwig & Endgame

Congrats to Helwig... also congrats to Jim Miller, that was one hell of a match...

ttt for helwig good job man...

ttt for Helwig, pro fighter, forum member, and food enthusiast.

Don't forget "wig from Hell".

"Don't forget "wig from Hell"."

Im having flashbacks to 4th grade.

my 'toddatkins' character on urdandead is still sore you shotgunned him, but congrats anyway.

I'm assuming this was a local fight for HELWIG, and he didn't have to TRAVEL very far?

(Congrats, and stay away from you know where!)

Word is Nogueira learned the anaconda from Helwig

Full results at

helwig paid his dues,he used to train hard as hell and wanted to learn and learn some more,hes a great kid also and im glad for him,george

Thanks George and all.

congrats bro