Congrats to Machine Gun Young (VID)

Congrats to Machine Gun Young From Hoger MMA. He had a vicious Knock out at the Lone Star Beatdown 12 against a legit guy who on the radio said he was black belt in BJJ and was previously undefeated. Machine Gun Young took home the 205lb BELT.
He did awesome!!! Watch out for this guy. He is the next big thing coming out of Texas!!!!

-Sam Hoger-


looks like the guy gettin whooped was makin his debut lol. And I fucking HATE when announcers talk during the match.
"you think these guys want it?" so stupid. Nice Ko tho.

Thanks for the vid.

Your guy looked very good, the other guy did not. As stated above he looked like he'd never fought before.

And just many "legit" guys are there that do not have records on sherdog??

I was recording the fight from cageside and got a pretty good angle

You can see the knockout slowed down here:

And the entire fight from that angle here:

The guy he fought had fought quite a few times before in Louisiana and across the south. He is an amateur. I don't know that they record the Ameys anywhere.I have seen a few here and there but nothing solid. We Should have a database that records amateur fights so guys can't cruise around claiming they have never fought before and then having their opponent find out just the opposite when he enters the ring.
Sam Hoger

Wow, guy looked worse than most Bullies on BullyBeatdown. Shouldn't have been in the ring with anyone not making a debut, imo.

The guy he fought (Raul Jimenez) was Legit. He took down the Pan ams this year and is a serious force coming up in the area.