Congrats to Mike Guymon

I just wanted to say congratulations to my coach, training partner, and most of all my boy, Mike G. Great fight on sat nite and good win.
For those of you who weren't there, he fought a tough guy in Chris Moore who gave everything he had. The fight made it to the 2nd rd where Mike was able to do what he wanted and took home the win by tapout due to strikes.
We're all proud of you, but there's no time to celebrate because you've got another one coming up next month. Get back in the gym and lets train.

Special thanx to Chris who took the fight on short notice. You showed lots of cajones and heart by not only taking the fight, but by putting on a good show.

Isn't he legally prohibited from winning via "tapout," due to the provisions of his separation from his former employer? He can now only win by "submission."

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GMan... As soon as I posted that i was thinking the same thing. Funny stuff. Good call.
How about winning via slapping the mat really hard due to strikes?


Congrats buddy!

 Great Job Jokeyman !


 I was at the Shrine sat nite. 


That Lopez guy is a beast. 


Congrats Guymon. 

congrats joker!!!

Congrats on the win nice job

Congrats Joker!!!


What was Joker's opponent's record?

Anyone... I know the Joker has some skills, but who did he beat in this one?