Congrats to Patrick Robinson

Congrats to Patrick Robinson for getting promoted to brown belt by Jack McVicker and Megaton today. Patrick has won all over the world in the competition scene and is incredibly deserving of the promotion. Also conagrats to all the guys promoted to blue and purple belt.

Someone else.

Congrats to Pat, that is awesome.

Congrats!!!! Well deserved.

Pat's been a teacher/training partner of mine since about '98 or so. I don't often get the opportunity to tell him how much I appreciate all of his seems like an awesome time. His competition record has always inspired me. I've won tournaments as a direct result of his advices. He trains harder than anyone I know and never seems to break down. I can remember he and I rolling with Jack when Jack was a brown belt, and talking about being there someday. You're there brother! I'm proud as hell to be associated with you! Well deserved!!! Valeu!! Phil Miller

Patrick, congratulations! Very much deserved. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Sean Burke

Congrats "bender" I heard he put his purple belt into a top hat, did a little wiggle with his hand, and poof, out came a well-deserved Brown belt for a bad-ass jiujitsu player. Way to go Pat.


Thanks for the kind words everyone! You all know I love to compete, so I'm really excited about representing the team at brown belt level.

Thanks to my training partners (the afternoon basement squad) and to my instructors Jack McVicker and Megaton who pushed me to the level I am today. I owe you guys everything.

See you all on the mat!

Patrick Robinson


Congratulations Patrick!!

Jason Fox

Big congrats to Pat!
Brad Peplow

ttt for Magic Pat

Congratulations Spoonbender!

Pat's been competing at an international level and been winning as a blue
and purple for years. He does this not only with his technical jiu-jitsu but
his uncanny ability to read minds and turn his limbs more than 360
degrees around!