Congrats to Patry & Pavelich


Two organizations putting something together to create a better fight world for the Canadian MMA scene. Not sure if alot of you realize this but this is huge news in our sport. I have been involved in both of these organizations and have seen the positive side of both, now with them combining and working together this will finally fill the holes.

Congrats guys and good luck in the New Year.

Shawn Tompkins


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One piece of the puzzle is coming together. Sounds like good news to me.

Hopefully all organizations can work together across the country to better the sport, the fighters and the events themselves. There would be nothing better than sellouts at MMA shows.

Can't wait to see each card for TKO and MFC. Gonna be great.

sounds really good!

ttt for TKO and MFC and TTT for Showdown Joe for being a "first class" classy guy! Even though he's stepped back from TKO, he's on here saying nothing but positive and encouraging words....Joe, you're a true pro my man!



MMA in Canada will only benefit from this.

to Pavelich you are a scum bag I have known this for years you have fucked with a lot of fight cards in order to try and make things hard for everyone You are scum I am hoping no one will support your events and that people see who you really are fuck you

Shit! Those are some harsh words.

The deed was harsher than any of those words.

I never said I didn't like those harsh words! :)