Congrats to Rodney!

Rodney Ellis (of Boxing Works/Extreme) entered a comp about 2 weeks ago in Brazil and won it. His name was on

Congrats to Rodney.



congrats, rodney is a badass and a really nice guy.

Congrats to Rodney-The master of Dreamcatcher BJJ.


Nice going Rodney.

Hopefully he'll get his Brown Belt while over there. He definitely deserves it.


Hey Rodney, congratulations on the Brown Belt. Great stuff!!!!!

Please ignore my last post, still incredibly hungover from last night, feeling like crap.

Rodney, congratulations on the tournament win, good to see the hard work paying off.

From Ronny the Drunkard.


How about you hit the mats rather than hitting the piss!

The way I'm feeling now, the mats would somehow grow arms and hit me back!!!!!