Congrats to Showdown Joe?

for winning 680 weather guarantee today! Unless there is another Joe Ferraro from Markham!?

Party at Joe's house!

He won guaranteed weather? nuts, he should come here with it.


It's actually not me...I'm so

I started getting phone calls and e-mails earlier on today. There actually is another Joe Ferraro in Markham. I can't believe it.

But even still, I work for Rogers Communications so I do not qualify for the prize. Rogers owns 680 News so I'm out from the start...:(

The funny thing is, I was transferred to the downtown head office this morning. 680News is upstairs on the sixth floor I believe. When I first started getting the e-mails I thought it was a joke. Then they started coming in like crazy, as well as the phone calls and now, it's posted

Now that I think about it, I'm really depressed...:(

Believe me, I could use the money...oh well, back to work.

Damn...sorry Joe!