Congrats to Terry Martin/ FLO MMA

Great win for Terry Martin and FLO MMA last night in Las Vegas

Who is next for Terry?

Can't wait to get back to training this week


I have a hunch Kampmann will be next for Terry.

Congrats Terry!!!

Don't like Terry much, but that was impressive.

Salaverry was fine... ROCKED? Perhaps a little, but not OUT. B.S. stoppage, imo.

congrats terry.................


I'd like to see Terry Martin vs Kendall Grove mainly for the height difference.

A man doesnt have to be beaten unconscious to lose.

Kendall v.s Terry would be an interesting fight

I would like to see Terry and Swick go at it

Congrats Terry!!! It is going to be an interesting few weeks while the UFC decides what to do with the most exciting fighter at 185!!

Let's see how Franklin's fight goes as well as Silva vs. Nate..

It's good to see Terry in the mix!!

I would like to see Terry destroy someone like a Ed Herman, Chris Leben or someone with a decent following, then take on a Rich Franklin or someone

I truly think that Terry's time is now

i've known Terry for awhile. From back when he fought on an amateur Shidokan card, through the Ironhearts/Combat-Do Challenges/ XFO's, up till now.

he picked the right time to peak. best of luck to him and i hope he's finally able to make a decent living off of the fight game.

Terryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! his time is now!!!!!